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With over 20 years of developing brick-and-mortar and online businesses, Taos Rai Holdings stays both grounded and innovative; creating vibrant communities and new business concepts geared for a quickly changing world.

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New Business Concepts with Foresight

Always Looking Ahead

Taos Rai Holdings was founded in 2021 after merging with SquareFlash Holdings and its properties. From 2002, being one of the first to emerge onto the website real estate market and the early consumer website hosting space, to 2012, founding a brick-and-mortar website repair company that was one of the first of its kind, to creating a community that has a loud voice in the gig work space, Taos Rai Holdings has always been concerned with building businesses and ideas for the coming market; not just today’s business landscape.

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Meet The Founder

Julian D. Taos Rai

President and Founder,
Taos Rai Holdings

Julian D. Taos Rai

President and Founder,
Taos Rai Holdings

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How We Build Our Network of Properties and Communities

We build, buy, sell, and develop businesses online and off, as well as communities and support for artistic projects.


Building Businesses from Scratch

Using concepts geared towards future market sustainability, or even filling a gap in the current market, we build businesses from concept to fruition. Our businesses are often made to make ownership accessible to often marginalized groups and individuals.


Developing Communities that Matter

We see how community, connectedness, and support lay the groundwork for big-picture, altruistic ideas that last, and build safe, supportive communities around those ideas.


We Buy Businesses and Ideas

We’re always open to building our portfolio with new businesses and ideas that fit our outlook and vision for the future.

We Work on Ideas that Make Business Accessible to Everyone.

And always have. For over 20 years, Taos Rai Companies have been on the bleeding edge of emerging markets all geared towards making business and ownership accessible for everyone.

From Traveler, to Freelancer, to Business Developer, Learn about The journey

Founder's Blog

The businesses and communities we run and found are always about empowering entrepreneurship and making ownership more accessible.


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